colour workshop

Today we ran a colour workshop with our first year students to get them to understand colour in terms of Hue, Value and Chroma, based on Munsell’s system. The students were asked to come to class wearing a coloured top. After a lecture explaining colour and how it can be used in space, the students had to put their learning in practice, first by identifying the colour they were wearing, and then by arranging themselves in different configurations.

Students arranged themselves into a colour wheel including value

Then they looked at monochromatic colour palettes

they had to find their complementary

And had to create harmonius colour pallettes

The students then decided to show how multicultural we are

Spatial design taster workshops

The BA Spatial Design runs a series of taster workshops for applicants to the course or those who are thinking about applying. This is a great opportunity for everyone to meet, find out more about Spatial Design and have fun while learning new skills and practice design in a friendly environment. The workshops are run by LCC Spatial Design tutors and we sometimes also invite existing Spatial Design students to contribute.

These images show the work from the latest workshop where participants were able to discover how to make amazing patterns with Sue Westergaard and wonderful 3D models with Julie James. It’s great to see what people were able to make in only 2 hours!

For the latest information on the Spatial Design taster workshops, contact Course Leaders Valerie Mace ( and Silvia Grimaldi (

Spatial Design workshops

The Spatial Communication programme recently organised a series of workshops for staff at LCC to showcase the range of skills taught on the BA (Hons) Spatial Design. Most people who attended didn’t have any previous experience and the workshops were extremely successful and lots of fun. During the 2 days people enjoyed a taste of screen printing, 3D model making, digital image manipulation and 3D digital drawing. Below are a few images from the 3D digital and printing sessions.