Featured Student Blog

Our first year students have been looking at ideas of modernism within their unit Introduction to Study in Higher Education, and were asked to write a series of blog posts as part of the unit.

Daisy-Anne Leslie’s post From The Inside Looking Out: My Experience of Modernist Social Housing explores her experience of moving to London and into a modernist housing estate in East London.

Being an idealistic person in pursuit of comfort, my list of property requirements was inevitably long and potentially unrealistic: large open plan living area, two double bedrooms, secure entry, good transport links, outside space… the list goes on. Upon entering the flat, my preconceptions of the area as grey and inhospitable had immediately vanished: I was shocked at the dynamic of the space.

Read more here: http://daisyanneleslie.myblog.arts.ac.uk/2014/11/28/from-the-inside-looking-out-my-experience-of-modernist-social-housing/

Sustainable library project

2014-02-10 12.37.27

Our first year students are working on a project to redesign an area of the LCC library and turn it into an area dedicated to sustainability. This area will include a mobile library unit which will be used for talks by experts to display their selected collection of references.

This project will actually happen over the summer, and the selected design(s) will be implemented by September.

As part of the project the students on BA Spatial Design had to go to the library and collect feedback on their initial ideas from the potential users of their designs – other LCC students who use that area of the library. Our testing session was very lively with a lot of interesting conversations,, and some very useful feedback.

Here’s a blog post about this session by one of the students who participated and gave feedback – who happened to be a journalism student.


Two more weeks to finish time!

some student work, end of term 1, year 1

Here are some snapshots of student work at the end of term 1, year 1.

The students were given a piece of a London map and asked to investigate the area in depth through a number of guided workshops, and then create an intervention for that area. In the 2D skills workshop they also used their drawings to create repeat patterns for surfaces. We’ll be adding to this post as we discover new and interesting work while we assess it.

We also asked the students to keep a blog. Here is a sample Blog from Kamila Rataj and a page from Dalia Said, which gives a bit of the flavour of this first term


LCCs Emma Williams wins a prize for her sketchbook at the 2012 Student Wallpaper Design Competition

The 2012 Student Wallpaper Design Competition, organised by LCC alumni Caroline McNamara, has recently been showing shortlisted & winning entrants wallpaper designs based on the work of the amazing AWN Pugin as part of the London Design Festival. Pugin created all the patterns & decorative surfaces in the Palace of Westminster, & it’s the 200th Anniversary of his birth this year. The show was held at the Imago Gallery in Mayfair.

Amongst them was our student, Emma Williams. She was awarded a prize for her sketchbooks by the Pugin Society, & her work was also put on display in Pugins house in Ramsgate. Emma’s sketchbooks are gorgeous – chock-a-block with sketches, collages & so on that play with the ideas she was developing to use in her final wallpaper competition submission – it really is a visual diary of her thinking whilst she was creating her designs. So exciting.

Well done Emma !!!