Branded Spaces workshop

1st year students took part in a workshop that enabled them to study the identity of London’s riverscape and skyline through observational sketches, to capture and document the unique features that determine our sense of place and belonging. The study trip started at embankment where we took a river boat to Greenwich. The first exercise required students to capture the essence of the spaces they passed as the boat was moving. This required focus and a critical approach towards the evaluation of spatial elements. Once in Greenwich, we explored the wonders and complexity of the Cutty Sark and the symbolisms presented to the public. Finally we walked all the way to the Royal Observatory where students were asked to record the splendid view of London as it was revealed to them, while focussing on the perceptual affect of the foreground, middleground and background. The weather was fabulous and it was a thoroughly enjoyable day out!

Click on the link to see a short video of students sketching the riverscape: IMG_4396_web

some student work, end of term 1, year 1

Here are some snapshots of student work at the end of term 1, year 1.

The students were given a piece of a London map and asked to investigate the area in depth through a number of guided workshops, and then create an intervention for that area. In the 2D skills workshop they also used their drawings to create repeat patterns for surfaces. We’ll be adding to this post as we discover new and interesting work while we assess it.

We also asked the students to keep a blog. Here is a sample Blog from Kamila Rataj and a page from Dalia Said, which gives a bit of the flavour of this first term


Greenwich drawing trip

Monday 14th of October, we took the BA (Hons) Spatial Design students at LCC on a sketching trip to Greenwich. We started our journey at Embankment where we took a boat to take us to Greenwich, then our first stop was the Cutty Sark, followed by Greenwich market and through the park to the Royal Observatory and the fabulous view of London. Students learned to draw time, movement and scale, the rain waited nicely until we got home and everyone had a wonderful time. A great way to start the week!

Memory Palace

The V&A is running a small but very good exhibition caller Memory Palace about a story of a dystopian future set in London. It’s based on a book by Hari Kunzru with the contribution of graphic designers both in the book and the exhibition. The exhibition includes fantastic drawings, installations and typography and is designed to make you feel as if you’re immersing yourself inside the story, inside the book. Highly recommended.

This lovely and highly evocative drawing is by Alexis Deacon. More on the V&A website although it’s only possible to fully appreciate the work by going there.