Visit to the London Design Festival

We met with BA Spatial Design and BA Design Culture students today for a visit to the London Design Festival. It was a fun day out and we gave out a list and map of suggested sites for further exploration of the festival: London Design Festival suggested events. Maps of the festival are available from the mains reception desk at London College of Communication.

Students also had to enrol today so our time was limited but we enjoyed Endless Stairs in front of Tate Modern, a great example of timber construction, and of course Design Junction, very popular. The festival is fantastic with so many events everywhere I just wish I had more time to see a lot of them. Go and see as many sites as you can if you haven’t already. It’s a great way to meet designers and see inspiring work.

LCCs Emma Williams wins a prize for her sketchbook at the 2012 Student Wallpaper Design Competition

The 2012 Student Wallpaper Design Competition, organised by LCC alumni Caroline McNamara, has recently been showing shortlisted & winning entrants wallpaper designs based on the work of the amazing AWN Pugin as part of the London Design Festival. Pugin created all the patterns & decorative surfaces in the Palace of Westminster, & it’s the 200th Anniversary of his birth this year. The show was held at the Imago Gallery in Mayfair.

Amongst them was our student, Emma Williams. She was awarded a prize for her sketchbooks by the Pugin Society, & her work was also put on display in Pugins house in Ramsgate. Emma’s sketchbooks are gorgeous – chock-a-block with sketches, collages & so on that play with the ideas she was developing to use in her final wallpaper competition submission – it really is a visual diary of her thinking whilst she was creating her designs. So exciting.

Well done Emma !!!