Installations by year 1 students

The BA (Hons) Spatial Design students completed their first project and presented on Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st of October. This was a quick 2 weeks project where students, working in small groups, were asked to design an installation based research they completed during the summer. The brief required that they used only cardboard and paper as their primary materials while some groups also included coloured acetate, light and 3D textures. The results were fantastic, ranging from a textured cityscape to multi-layered storytelling, memory and time and the making was just as exciting as the eloquent presentations, with so much energy and dedication evidenced in the studio. A thoroughly enjoyable first 2 weeks for everyone. These are images taken with phones so not the best quality but sufficient to provide a n overview of the projects.

Summer project installations

Year 1 students on the BA Spatial Design have just completed their first project, a collaborative design for an installation based on the synthesis of primary research and drawings done over the summer. Students worked in small teams of 3 or 4 to design, make and install their creation, working only with paper and cardboard. We also asked them to select a suitable location within the LCC campus so as to strengthen the connection between the site and the design. This short and exciting project was fun and the outcomes were very successfully implemented and presented by teams, with a wide range of creative outputs, forms and surfaces manipulations, and inspired methods of making it happen. Original productions included the manipulation of natural and artificial light, shadows, surface texture and patterns, 3D form, storytelling and metaphors, interaction and communication, layers, growth, colour and beauty.  A fantastic first 2 weeks and contribution from everyone on the course.