Our tutors are active practitioners and/or researchers working with industry partners such as Liberty’s, Paperchase, the Cuming Museum, Imperial War Museum, the V&A, Selfridges and the London Wetlands Centre, creating useful project opportunities, contacts and networks for their students. In addition we have lectures and workshops by a range of invited researchers and practitioners from inside and outside the University.

To help you realise your projects we have a range of technical areas including 3D workshop, specialist IT areas, open access IT hub, printing facilities (screenprinting, digital, letterpress, photography), a physical computing area and media-based equipment and IT facilities; students can access the relevant areas for their projects and can make use of technical tutoring and assistance from our technical staff.


Course Leaders:

Silvia Grimaldi
Valerie Mace

Current Lecturers:

Greg Messiah
Tony Braithwaite
Betty Minter
Paul Glavey
Victoria Powell
Ellen Hanceri

Programme Leader:

Dr. Nicky Ryan

Guest Speakers:

See our Lecture Series blog

Some staff work below:

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